Note to biotech founders:

here is a little intro about me & what I am looking for:

I am 18 y/o and a freshman at UCLA and am majoring in computer engineering and minoring in bioinformatics. I have also recently joined professor Noah Zaitlen's bioinformatics and genetics lab at UCLA as an undergrad researcher. more about me at

Though I am fairly new to biotech, in past, I have mainly worked on -- (Synthetic media generation using GANs and Computer Vision, later text-to-video; I was one of the co-founders) which got really popular and attracted a ton of VC attention and other generative projects - a more comprehensive list can be found here

I just love bio! And I know one thing for sure -- we are slowly reaching the exact inflection point in biotech where computers were with the advent of semiconductors. People have no idea how drastic and massive the change is gonna be. This is truly going to be a century of bio! And I would love to contribute my part to it.

I have experienced that I grow the fastest when I put myself in almost impossible situations (like teaching myself cellular and molecular bio from scratch in 3 months and getting into Zaitlen Lab, and now planning to learn grad level math for quantitative genomics in the next 3-4 months for lab projects) and that is exactly what I am looking forward to -- a place where I can take my personal evolution to next level -- both as a newbie in biotech and a future biotech founder. For any super cool biotech founder reading this -- I am but a naive kid and a complete newbie, but I can assure you just one thing -- I will devote every second of the 3 months of my summer toward driving towards the mission and vision of the company.

Thank you so much for taking the time out reading this, I really appreciate it!