> I am Viraj Chhajed, a 18 y/o serial product builder and growth hacker, currently working as co-founder at Basch.io. I am also an incoming freshman at UCLA where I'll be double majoring in Computer Engineering and Cognitive Sciences and build leverages to breakthrough in the intersection of {(CS) + (robotics) + (bio)}

> I am a generalist with an interest in AI, deep learning, behavioural psychology, evolutionary biology, brain computer interfaces & philosophy. Right now, I wish to create (1) wealth, (2) skill & (3) network -- leverages for myself, so in future I can solve interesting and deep-tech problems that facilitate the next step in human biological evolution.

> I love intellectually stimulating challenges and find myself constantly gravitated towards abstract and fundamental philosophical & scientific questions about self, consciousness and universe. As a natural explorer, In my free time, you can find me learning new stuff or meeting cool people. If you are working on something interesting, we should definitely chat! Feel free to say hi on my Twitter/LinkedIn.