Just like Schrödinger's cat that is both dead and alive at the same time (unless of course you open the box to check it, and actualize one of the possibilities into an outcome), at any given moment you exist in a realm of infinite possibilities -- always marching towards a greater entropy. Right now, you could have been doing anything, but out of those infinite possibilities, you chose to visit my little corner of the web, how honoured I am! Welcome to my corner of the internet!

Let me introduce myself! I am Viraj Chhajed, more popularly @VirajCz on the web, and though I feel words are too restrictive to describe myself, I like to call myself a craftsman and a truthseeker, a wanderer and a wonderer. I find extreme pleasure in discovering, learning and building new things.

Right now, I am 18 y/o and I was born and brought up in India. I am student at UCLA where I am double majoring in Computer Engineering and Neuroscience/Computational Bio and Genomics and deepening my understanding of AI, NNs, Neuroscience, Deeplearning, Genetics and Bio. I am also building againstentropy.xyz , where I aim to leverage LLMs to solve the Holy Grail of Internet Problem: Combating the Informational Entropy & Establishing a Single Source of Truth.

I love intellectually stimulating challenges and find myself constantly gravitating towards abstract and fundamental philosophical and scientific questions about self, consciousness and the universe.

Right now I am:

(last updated: 15th Oct, 2022)

In past I have worked on building Synthetic Media and text-to-video generation software at Basch.io (cofounder); did B2B SaaS growth at BridgeUp.com (early employee); built WebAR and IOS AR projects at CemtrexLabs.com (Software Engineering Intern); built Vizardlab (founder), an AR VR agency for real estate companies. And worked with a bunch of web3 companies.

I love to write! Most of my writings are private, but I occasionally make a few of them public. Here are a few of my favourites:

I am very very curious and I love exploring things, some of my current Interests: behavioural psychology, evolutionary biology, brain-computer interfaces, autonomous vehicles & philosophy.

I love meeting new and interesting people. If you find anything I've written here interesting, feel free to DM on Twitter or email me. with your thoughts at virajcz[at]ucla.edu

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